The Great Content Marketing Reboot

Sponsored by the Public Relations SIG

Domain: Communications, Business Development, Marketing Management and Leadership, Technology Management

Okay, we get it. It’s hard. It’s not working. Let’s reboot this whole Content Marketing thing. We are moving into a new era of marketing – one where our remit has expanded. Yes, again.

Strategist, technologist, storyteller and creator of value; this is the marketing department of the next decade. In this intensive session, Robert Rose, author and the Content Marketing Institute’s Chief Strategy Officer will discuss the current transformation of how content marketing is changing marketing more broadly, and de-siloing the company both inside and out. In order to work, content must be a function in the business, not simply an asset or campaign.

This function and approach will lead the creation of valuable experiences over the next decade. Together, we’ll both talk and work through the new types of people, processes and technologies that are creating the successful content marketing approach of the 21st century.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how content marketing is evolving
  • Take steps to move from a campaign mindset to one where content is a function of your business
  • Identify the new types of people, processes, and technologies firms will need to be successful in this evolution

Robert Rose, Author & Chief Strategy Officer, Content Marketing Institute

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