Tactical Tools to Increase Influence and Persuasion

Sponsored by the Public Relations SIG

Domain: Marketing Management and Leadership

Do you ever get frustrated when you hear, “How do I know your idea will work?” or “What are other firms doing?”  In this 60 minute webinar, we will focus on how to persuade firm management to buy into your strategies, proposals, and budgets for public relations programs. We will explore several models and tools to improve your influence and persuasion, including a neuroscience approach to influence, how to develop a persuasion strategy, and how to use structured storytelling to persuade others to take a new course of action or expand existing offerings such as social media and digital campaigns. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand why influence and persuasion are critical skills for success
  • Learn three tactics to improve your influence and persuasion effectiveness with your firm’s management and your boss 
  • Identify ways to use a ‘springboard story’ to persuade lawyers

Presenter: Mark Beese, President, Leadership for Lawyers

Price: Complimentary for Members