Livestreaming For Lawyers: What Is It and Is It For Lawyers?

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Domain: Communications, Business Development

Video has the ability to create connections between people in a way unlike any other online marketing tool. It picks up where the printed word stops by allowing viewers to see, hear and get to know attorneys. It is often polished, rehearsed and, hopefully, informational and educational.

Enter Livestreaming, digital marketing’s newest development in video marketing. When done right, it is not only live, but real. It is sometimes rough, casual and raw. It is real-time marketing that allows viewers and hosts to interact in the moment, to discuss topics on their minds, to alert viewers to news they need to know to do their jobs better, to protect their companies, families, organizations and communities.

It allows clients, potential clients, media and other influencers:

  • To see attorneys 
  • To get a feel for how they act and react 
  • To see and hear the empathy on their faces and in their voices 
  • To witness how fully attorneys know their subject matter 
  • ...and to establish the Know, Like and Trust factors our clients deserve with the professionals with whom they do business.

Join Jackson & Wilson’s co-owner, Mitch Jackson, JD, one of Livestreaming’s most advanced and sought after users, and Nancy Myrland, Myrland Marketing & Social Media, a Marketing, Content, Social & Digital Media Advisor to Lawyers & Legal Marketers, as they explain this new tool, and how it can and should be used by lawyers and law firms to build and nurture relationships with current and potential clients.

They will touch on Livestreaming channels Periscope, Meerkat, Blab and Facebook Live, and will take you even deeper into the demonstration by taking the final Q & A part of the webinar live on Blab. You will then have a chance to interact with Mitch and Nancy face-to-face, to engage in written chat with one another, submit questions, and even join them live to say hello, make a comment or ask a question.

Note: If you want to fully interact, make sure you know your Twitter handle and password so you can sign in to Blab for Q & A, and have a headset or earbuds and mic if you want to jump on live with them. It’s easy, we promise!

Domain: Communications, Business Development
Content Level: Advanced
Firm Size: Small, Medium, Large

Featured Speakers: Jon Mitchell “Mitch” JacksonTrial Lawyer, Jackson & Wilson, Inc.; Nancy Myrland, Marketing, Content, Social & Digital Media Speaker, Trainer & Advisor, Myrland Marketing & Social Media

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