Legal Operations and the Evolving Law Department

2015 Legal Marketing Technology Conference/West Recordings

The following content is presented by the LMA Bay Area Chapter.

Domain: Client Services

Most larger companies have put in place legal operations professionals that are redefining the way that the legal function operates within their companies. We have invited several legal operations professionals to share with us their pressing issues including:

  • The role and structure of Legal Operations within their companies
  • How they are reimagining the law department - law firm relationship
  • Running law departments like a business
  • New ways that they are approaching sourcing/staffing of matters
  • Technologies that improve collaboration with law firms and save time and money
  • Their vision of the Law Department of the future

Rob Kahn, Chief Marketing Officer, Fenwick & West LLP
Dan Baker, Senior Legal Operations Manager, LinkedIn
Jill Fukunaga, Corporate Counsel, Legal Operations, Veritas Technologies Corporation
Lisa Konie, Director of Legal Operations, Adobe Systems Incorpo

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