2014 Research Reveals New Reality of Legal Business Development

Sponsored by Thomas Reuters

Domain: Business Development

Want to know where legal business development is headed? Register today to learn key findings from a recent study of hundreds of law firm leaders undertaken by Thomson Reuters Elite. They recently surveyed hundreds of law firm business development directors across the US, EU and Asia to unearth valuable insights into the current (and future) state of legal business development.
As part of this webinar, members of Elite’s leadership team will provide an overview of:
1. Your peers’ successes and challenges in 2014: find out what business development activities do and do not bear fruit in today’s competitive environment
2. Where leaders are investing to fuel future business development success: learn what technologies, methods, and skill sets leaders plan to invest in next year and beyond
3. How technology is rising to meet the challenge: learn how technological innovations such as those within Elite’s Business Development Premier – including radical CRM automation and deeper client insights pushed to lawyers mobile devices – are helping firms thrive in the new reality.

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