Basics Every Marketer Should Know: Finances, Metrics, ROI and Rankings

Domain: Business of Law

Conference and Webinar Recordings included:
Establishing Metrics and KPIs to Determine and Communicate the ROI of Your Marketing and Business Development Activities
Evaluating the Investment and ROI from Pursuing Directories, Rankings and Other Related Opportunities
Law Firm Rankings Part II - Perspectives of In-house Marketers
Law Firms Surveys: Are They Worth Your Time?
Law Firm Economics, Revenue Models, and Profitability Drivers: Finance 301
Using KPI to Ensure the Marketing Department Story Is Heard at the Management Level

Strategies articles include:
"Dude, Where’s my ROI? The Value Conversation That Actually Pays Dividends"
"The Electronic Way to Boost Marketing ROI"
"Law Firm Key Performance Indicators – A Primer"
"Not All KPIs are Equal: Understanding the Interacting Role of KPIs Through the Use of a Mapping Sentence"
"Quant or Qual? – KPIs Require Both"
"What Am I Worth? Key Performance Indicators for Solo Marketers"

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