Instant Access: Making Great & Lasting First Impressions

Domain: Business Development

In today's 24/7 business climate it's more important than ever to make a positive first impression on the people you meet.  Once established, a strong impression becomes your building block to an ever-expanding network of new business and referrals.  This dynamic webinar combines the latest business and psychological studies with real-world, practical insights that your attorneys can apply right away.  As an added bonus, the concepts taught in this program are not just for business development, they will help you in your volunteer efforts and personal life, too.
By attending this webinar, you will:
• Discover the simple, yet overlooked things you can do to improve the way people perceive you.
• Learn the two things you must have to establish instant rapport with others.
• Recognize the natural traits that introverts can leverage to make good first impressions.

Steve Hughes, Hit Your Stride, LLC

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