Leveraging Patent Reform Confusion. A Law Marketing Opportunity.

Domain: Business of Law

Patent litigation has become a hot topic.  Sky rocketing damages, increasing case volume, breakthrough technology, patent reform – all these factors present firms with unique opportunities to differentiate.  
This session has been designed to shed light onto the current patent litigation system, what it means to be a recipient of a demand letter, and how this presents real content marketing opportunities for the savvy marketer.
Attendees will learn how to:
•         Describe how the latest USPTO initiative works
•         Illustrate why content marketing makes sense
•         Develop actionable marketing opportunities with Patent Infringement Demand Letters
•         Execute new techniques to boost patent litigation practices and business development strategies

Josh Becker, CEO, Lex Machina
Robert, Algeri, Co-Founder, Great Jakes
Amy Hrehovcik, Founder, Ailey Advisors LLC.

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