Redefining Thought Leadership: Using Content to Start Conversations

Domain: Business Development, Communications

What is thought leadership? Law firms distribute content through alerts, blogs, webinars and social media. But, thought leadership isn’t just pushing out content; true thought leadership drives conversations and engagement. Used well, it’s a powerful business development tool.
Defining thought leadership: What’s in, what’s out, thought-leadership best practices.
Process: Thoughts from Greenfield/Belser on the value of thought leadership for professional services firms.
Case studies:
• Steptoe & Johnson: Developing a proprietary study on challenges in shale gas production.
• Carlton Fields Jorden Burt: Starting a hospitality association.
Discussion: Participants will discuss barriers and solutions to thought leadership. A tip sheet will be developed for distribution.
• Techniques for getting lawyers on board with thought leadership
• Ways to overcome obstacles to implementation
• How to use thought leadership to drive conversations
• A decision-making framework for content-led marketing
• How to use thought leadership for industry or niche practices

Daniel Weede, President and Shareholder Carlton Fields Jorden Burt
Sally Schmidt, President, Schmidt Marketing, Inc.
Betsy Spellman, Chief Marketing Officer Steptoe & Johnson
Erika Ritzer, Principal, Greenfield Belser

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