Leveraging Emotional Intelligence and Personality Traits in Legal Marketing Among Four Generations

Domain: Communications

As legal marketers, we are tasked with effective communications among our teams and with the lawyers we serve. We are also tasked with providing lawyers with the tools they need to effectively communicate with clients and prospects. Communication methods, modes and preferences have changed significantly over the past several years. It’s critical for legal marketers to be aware of these changes and the associated business implications. Understanding and leveraging emotional intelligence, personality traits and communication markers among the four generations in the workplace can make or break the success of a legal marketer.
During this interactive, informative and fun workshop you will:
 • Increase your knowledge and understanding of the various communication styles and preferences of each generation.
 • Identify, manage and implement effective strategies to leverage emotional intelligence in order to meet your firm’s marketing goals.
 • Learn how emotions impact behaviors and relationships including those between legal marketers and law firm management.
 • Gain valuable tips and tools to immediately build more effective relationships and communication strategies.
 • Understand emotional perception and expression to correctly identify how to communicate with your target audiences.
 • Learn how to successfully influence four generations in the workplace

Gina F. Rubel, Esq., CEO, Furia Rubel Communications, Inc.
Kim Huggins, CEO, K HR Solutions, Inc.

Member Price: $39
Prospective Member Price: $59