45 Things Your Junior Associates Need to Know About Networking in 60 Minutes

Domain: Business Development

Few things contribute more to an associate’s long-term success than building a series of personal and professional networks. Yet, despite its importance, many junior professionals avoid networking. Believing it involves little more than schmoozing--making ingratiating small talk (even sucking up) for personal gain--some hate the very concept of building a network. Others believe they simply don’t possess natural networking talents. They’ve seen a partner casually walk into a room, immediately find an acquaintance, tell the perfect joke, and then move on to make yet another connection. Hesitant networkers watch these naturals with amazement and know “working a room” is just not what they do best. “45 Things Your Junior Associates Need to Know About Networking” provides marketing professionals with a quick list of the 100 most important “things” their junior associates need to know as they enter the world of business development.

Mary Crane, Owner, Mary Crane & Associates, LLC

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