Big Data for Legal Marketers - Doing the Right Things and Doing Things Right for Bigger ROI

Domain: Business Development, Business of Law

The program will focus on the intersection of big data, business development, process improvement and project management. Big data has the potential to help law firm marketers reach–and engage with–their lawyers and firm clients in new, targeted and strategic ways. Through the use of case studies, this panel will look at metrics and big data strategies in the marketing sector to help legal marketers gain greater insight into data management and best practices and provide better solutions and outcomes by tracking and improving return on marketing investment (both financial and time) for their firms.
Topics will include the following:
 • Data mining techniques;
 • Client profile models and business analytics tools;
 • Best use of data to add value to the firm;
 • Defining the outcomes of marketing activities – what drives business and what doesn’t; and
 • Using data to make business development recommendations.

Rob Alston, Sales Director, Dockets and Business Development, Thomson Reuters
Kristan Morrell, Chief Operating Officer, Dickstein Shapiro
Alina Gorokkhovsky, Partner, RCT Partners
Steven Bell, Chief Client Development Officer, Womble Carlyle Sandridge & R 

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