Playing The Relationship Game in Today’s Connected World

Domain: Business Development, Client Services

For relationship-based businesses law firms, the connections that firms make with their clients – and the connections these clients have with each other – have a profound effect on the amount of ongoing business and new opportunities they’ll win. Thanks to the ever-connected world we live in, it is now essential that firms align their digital marketing and business development efforts along what we like to call The Relationship Cycle.
In this session, we’ll provide examples of how businesses are using interactive marketing to reach their clients at every point in their decision-making experience, establish trust and create advocates that help drive new business opportunities with current and prospective clients. As this is The Relationship Game, a handful of contestants from the audience will participate game-show style to help us identify key interactive trends, reveal best practices for building digital relationships and uncover key findings from our latest General Counsel Survey.

Kalev Peekna, Managing Director of Strategy, One North Interactive
John Simpson, CEO, One North Interactive

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