Creating the Perfect Law Firm Experience - From the Client’s Perspective

Domain: Client Services, Business of Law

Law firms are constantly searching for ways to become more attractive to desirable clients, but do we really know what they want? If clients had the ability to build the perfect law firm, what would it look like? What is their blueprint for building the kind of firm that clients would flock to?
In this session, clients will give us their wish list for creating the optimal law firm. They will provide their insights in areas such as: client service and communication; client teams and relationship management; client feedback; cross-selling; establishing goals and measures; fees and billing; staffing; and methods for earning new business.
Participants will leave with a greater understanding of how to counsel their lawyers to interact with clients in the above listed key areas. There will also be an interactive checklist for participants to complete based on what they learn in the session.

Tracey Bracco, Assistant General Counsel Fund Management, CNL Financial Group
Nyea Sturman, Assistant Director of Legal Services, Orlando Magic
David Freeman, CEO, David Freeman Consulting Group

Member Price: $39
Prospective Member Price: $59