GC Focus: Project Management. Position Your Firm in Alignment With the Unique Challenges Faced by In

Domain: Business of Law

Legal Project Management is a crucial part of the relationship between inside and outside counsel. A firm’s ability to improve efficiencies and control costs while offering greater predictability creates value beyond the legal work itself by managing expectations and offering increased ROI to client and firm alike.
But it is not enough to have these efficiencies in place. Successful marketing and business development professionals understand that communicating and positioning these values in a way that is aligned with your client’s unique challenges can strongly influence who will win the business.
The panel will discuss how best to position your firm’s legal project management abilities when pitching new business and the strategies used by the firms that are getting it right.

Julian “Keith” Isgett, Managing Attorney – Global External Legal Relations, GlaxoSmithKline
Justin Ergler, Sourcing Group Manager, Legal Services Procurement, GlaxoSmithKline
Nathaniel E. Slavin, Founder and Partner, Wicker Park Group

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