The Smart Work Matrix: Work Smarter, Better and With Less Pain and Stress

Domain: Business of Law

With a varied list of areas that require support, we become frustrated with various projects based on any number of experiences.
As legal marketers we:
• Believe a project should be done differently but can’t get buy-in.
• Don’t know how to move the project forward.
• Feel that the project is wasteful of our time.
• Get frustrated with the unwillingness of attorneys to listen to us.
• Believe that the project is being led badly and don’t know what to do. . . . the list goes on and on.
However, we often use the same orientation/execution for everything we do. This inability to adjust to different projects or to know what a winning orientation is likely to be produces stress and frustration and leads to professional pain and failure. If we can evaluate these projects on an individual basis and come to an understanding of the nature of each and what a winning plan would look like, we can increase our professional performance and minimize our stress and pain. 

W. Allen Fuqua, Chief Marketing Officer, Winstead PC

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