Champagne Marketing on a Beer Budget: How Today's Legal Marketers Can Implement Low-Cost Marketing S

Domain: Business of Law

In today’s economy, law firm marketers need cost-effective ways to market their attorneys and their firms – and business strategist Lucy Rosen offers some innovative marketing strategies based on 30 years of experience in helping to grow some of the country’s top law firms. This program will present a number of specific techniques that law firm marketers can, and should, be using to enhance their firm’s visibility and grow business – and offers insight into how to develop a cost-effective marketing plan to meet today’s times. From her “Tips to Get the Right Publicity,” “Building and Maintaining a Referral Network for Your Firm” and “Getting Associates On-Board With Marketing from the Start” to addressing the marketing challenges facing law firms today, Rosen offers a number of practical solutions that even a one-person marketing department can implement.

Lucy Rosen, Marketing Director, Modrall Sperling

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