Evaluating Emerging Professional Services Technology Trends

Domain: Technology Management

When harnessed strategically, technology can be robust way to deliver premium content to a high value target audience and to engage them throughout the sales cycle. The future of legal marketing is on “pulling” clients in, rather than the traditional “push” of content and marketing messages.
The demands placed on your time and resources makes embracing technology as a strategic asset more important than ever. Marketing technology can help legal marketers and business development teams perform their jobs better, smarter and more efficiently while delivering a better experience to clients.
This panel discussion will answer the following questions:
•How do you match technology with the firm’s overall strategic objectives?
•With all the available technology, how do you best choose what your firm needs and how you can extract the best results from it?
•What is your research process for identifying solution providers, consultants and agencies that can best assist you?
•What are technology implementation best practices?
•How do I ensure I’m making the most of the technology available to me and delivering the right content to the right person at the right time?
•Once up-and-running, what are the future steps to derive maximum return? Featuring in-house marketers and agency personnel, this panel is designed to help you understand the latest technologies available (including a peek into the future!), how to select the right technology for your firm’s strategic goals and how to demonstrate their benefits.

Matthew Parfitt, Vice President, Business Development, Concept
Paul Dunay, Global Managing Director of Services & Social Marketing, Avaya
Kelly C. Geisinger, Information Technology Project Manager, Bingham McCutchen LLP

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