Law Firm Rankings: Are They Worth Your Time?

Domain: Client Services, Communications

Recently, US News and World Report, in collaboration with Best Lawyers, produced their touted first edition "Best Law Firms" rankings. Their complex survey form required completion of extensive information used to comparatively rank national and regional firms in dozens of practice areas and boasted participation from thousands of law firms across the US.  This study is only the latest in a seemingly endless series of competitive ranking surveys, and is arguably the most demanding in terms of time and detail required to respond.  The time has come to consider how a law firm should effectively evaluate and respond to the growing number of survey requests.  Is there a "tipping point" when firms have asked their clients too often to serve as a reference?   If marketing staff is limited, and (probably) overextended most of the time, how do we determine whether compiling info for rankings is the best use of time or personnel?  
Join LMA and your fellow marketing colleagues for this timely webinar focusing on evaluating and managing the proliferation of law firm surveys. 

Kathy O'Brien, Vice President, Public Reputation Services; Director, RankingsForLawyers at Jaffe PR
Carlton Dyce, Vice President of Peer Review Rating and Client Review Services, LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell
Catherine McGregor, Managing Editor, Chambers

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