Content Strategy is the New Kale

Domain: Communications

In the same way that kale now pops up on every menu these days, "content strategy" is the marketer's topic du jour. The problem is that talking about it isn't driving firms to embrace it.

"Content strategy" assumes two facts:

  • A top-down definition of the areas for which the firm wishes to be known, accompanied by an equally strong commitment that the firm won't feature everything else in an egalitarian effort to be all things to all people.
  • The proliferation and prioritization of content in primarily the areas for which the firm is seeking to enhance its brand equity.

To demonstrate that this is as much a strategic and political issue as a marketing one, consultants Norm Rubenstein, Deborah McMurray, Elonide Semmes and Leigh Dance have created a fictional law firm and designed a special website to illustrate how content strategy works when it starts with and supports firm strategy. An interactive session, they will provide specifics on how content strategy can help achieve a firm's business goals. You will hear what buyers have told them about how firms can "prequalify" themselves for prospects looking to find new counsel, and much more.

Deborah McMurray, CEO and Strategy Architect, Content Pilot, LLC
Norm J. Rubenstein, Partner, Zeughauser Group LLC
Elonide C. Semmes, President, Right Hat LLC
E. Leigh Dance, PresidentELD Project Marketing International, Inc.

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