Advancing Communication: The Story of the Value

Domain: Communications

In today's legal marketing environment, technical explanations of lawyers' accomplishments and the clients for which those are achieved are commonplace. Dry, but accurate, is the norm. Given most lawyers at most firms adopt this method of messaging, the technique causes dilution and anonymity. Most law firms have: a former Supreme Court clerk; won on motion to dismiss; successfully prosecuted a patent; closed a transaction; and provides regulatory advice, to name a few of the "differentiators" we commonly see in practice descriptions, biographies, form accomplishments and so on. Memorable? Only in that they are staples of our websites and marketing materials and likely will continue to be for the foreseeable future. However, does this method need to be the entire lexicon we use to communicate our experiences? Certainly not, as there is a better way. The art of storytelling can help legal marketers and our lawyers communicate in a way that is captivating, easily understood and, importantly, memorable. It allows us and our attorneys to connect to people on an emotional level to inspire, motivate and persuade our audience into action.

Timothy Delaney, timothy.delaney@wilmerhale.com, WilmerHale
Terry M. Isner, President, Marketing and Business Development, Jaffe
Jennifer Dolan, Chief Marketing Officer, Dickstein Shapiro LLP

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