The New Operating Prowess Required of Today's Marketing Leaders

Domain: Marketing Management and Leadership

New procurement models are impacting the way legal services are bought, sold and delivered. These models are redefining the business relationship between law firms and their clients and are putting new demands on marketing and business development leaders. There has been a shift from traditional marketing communication responsibilities toward business development proficiency. A heightened expectation has emerged that these leaders show impact on revenue growth, profitability and market share, i.e. a measureable return on marketing expenditures.

Marketing leaders are expected to maintain the same high level of customer responsiveness to partners while managing a large, diverse group responsible for designing both bespoke solutions and creating firm-wide systems to create replicable sales pursuit and RFP response methodologies.

Despite years of accrued knowledge and success, many experienced legal marketing leaders are losing out in the competition for coveted CMO/CBDO positions at AMLAW100/200 firms to candidates hailing from other industries and other parts of the world where more advanced business development models exist. Knowing what prospective employers are expecting out of their next CMO/CBDO is “half the battle” in understanding your perceived value and employability for top positions at big law firms.

Jennifer M Whitter, Chief Client Relationship and Operating Officer, Cole Valley Software
Michael J. DeCosta, Partner, Caldwell Partners

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