Managing Marketing & Business Development Talent for High Performance

Domain: Marketing Management and Leadership

Legal marketers who are fortunate to have a staff of any size know that managing their team is one of the most important aspects of their jobs. Recruiting, retaining and developing top talent can take up a great deal of time and energy. We will discuss:

  • The challenges of managing talent.
  • The benefits of having a high-performing team vs. an average team.
  • How to acquire and inspire top talent.
  • How to ensure the team is performing collectively to achieve their full potential.
  • Resources to help you hone your skills as a leader and manager of people and help you develop the skills of your team members who manage people

Mary K. Young, Partner, Zeughauser Group LLC
Vonda T. Hampton, Director of Marketing, Miller & Chevalier Chartered
Jay Connolly, Global Chief Talent Officer, Dentons

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