Spy vs. Spy: Law Firm CI vs. Legal Department Metrics & Intelligence

Domain: Business of Law

It’s a classic tale of intrigue: over the past decade, while law firms have been focusing on competitive intelligence to bring in new clients and gain an advantage, their counterparts inside corporate legal departments have been countering by aggressively investing in CI in an effort to run their legal departments as businesses.


This program will crack the code on legal CI and highlight some key metrics and initiatives of both law firms and in-house legal departments. It will also highlight some of the operations and strategies they are using for achieving them. This panel of CI provocateurs will also include real-world perspectives provided by professionals who work undercover as law firm CI analysts, in-house counsel and/or procurement officers.

Patrick J. Fuller, Director of Corporate Solutions, TyMetrix Legal Analytics

Christina R. Fritsch, CRM Success Consultant, Clients First Consulting

Ramona Whitley, Director of Client Services, Allen Matkins

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