The 15 People That Will Make or Break Your Year

Domain: Business Development

A marketing department deals with thousands of prospects, hundreds of clients and dozens of lawyers. For them, the law is a volume business. However, when it comes down to each individual lawyer, the world is very, very small. Sometimes this disconnect between marketers and lawyers makes it hard to get things done.

For a lawyer, there are only 15 people that will make, or break, their year. That’s it. Thus, it is important to know how to identify who they are. This list is not static. However, for the purposes of planning business development activities for today, the list is small and finite.

The collection of all of these lists of 15 from each lawyer combine to represent the marketing and business development targets of the entire firm. But, as long as it is still executed by individual lawyers, marketers must still plan with these small circles of influence in mind.

In this session, we will discuss how to identify each type of contact, specific marketing and BD activities for each type and how to constantly refresh the list. This session will help both parties see eye to eye and focus on execution instead of aspirations.

Darryl W. Cross, Vice President, Performance Development, LexisNexis
Kimberly D. Bell, Managing Director, Bass Berry & Sims

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