Startup Sense for Law Firms -- The Marketer's Role in Launching a New Practice Area or Micro Market

Domain: Business Development

Entrepreneurialism is growing within law firms large and small. Firms are adapting quickly to shifting business sectors, providing new services or expanding into new practices and attorneys are identifying unique opportunities to enter specialized markets. In these scenarios, the firm, practice group and/or attorney become entrepreneurs, launching a startup practice.

As the marketing professional, what is your role in this startup scene?

Join us for a discussion of the intricacies of launching a new practice. We will dive into the marketer’s role - making a business case for the new practice, conducting due diligence and evaluating external factors affecting a practice launch, capturing expertise and analyzing internal resources, and finally drafting a marketing and business development plan for the launch and continued growth of the practice.

While most firms turn to their marketing professionals for assistance in this last stage only, we will share insights into how you can elevate the discussion, help the firm operate more efficiently, and become a strategic business partner through your involvement in the startup from day one.

Maureen E. Farr, Business Development Manager, Stinson Leonard Street LLP
Kelly Annis, Principal, Branch Communications

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