Concurrent Pre-Conference Programs

QuickStart – Legal Marketing Core Competencies is a staple of the annual conference that is designed for legal marketing and business development professionals with less than five years of experience working inside of a law firm.

Impact Marketing for Small and Mid-sized Law Firms is for the solo/small firm marketer and features best practices and case studies from legal marketers who have a small staff or limited resources.

Breakthroughs in PR, Content and Communications explores the critical components of implementing a successful communications strategy using the latest public relations, content marketing and technology tools.

CMO Summit
is for in-house CMOs and first-chair marketing and business development professionals. With a collegial, interactive setting, the program focuses on the big-picture issues that really matter to law firms.

Legal Lean Sigma® and Project Management White Belt Certification Course is an interactive course featuring experiential learning, table work and discussions. Using case studies, examples and success stories from law firms and legal departments so that you learn about Six Sigma, Lean and project management in contexts that are immediately useful and relevant.

Competitive Blindspots‐ What you don’t see kills you!
Many people think competitive intelligence (CI) is just a bunch of information about competitors gathered from the internet. Nothing is further from the truth. Competitive intelligence is how you win the competitive race. Tactical intelligence is how you stay in it. Anything less and you don’t know how to do CI. This program will change the way you look at the competitive arena and is hosted by the Fuld‐Gilad‐Herring Academy of Competitive Intelligence, the leading educational institution in the CI field, accredited by the international agency, IACET, and the grantor of the globally recognized CIP™ certificate.

Masters in Digital Workshop

Do you feel a digital disconnect? It’s a challenge many marketers face today. Digital continues to evolve at a rapid pace, making it increasingly difficult for businesses to keep up. This digital deep dive workshop, equal parts lecture and discussion, is designed to help marketers bridge that gap and accelerate their digital efforts. It will explore where we as an industry need to be … and how we get there. Attendees will walk away with a better understanding of how they can take digital to the next level.