2015 Winners: Website — Total Website

Refresh, Overhaul or Rebrand Totaling More Than $200,000


First Place

Quarles & Brady LLP

"Quarles & Brady Website Redevelopment"



Quarles & Brady LLP had long been known as a respected Midwest law firm, but it recently evolved to become a nationally recognized top-tier firm with a track record to prove it.

How the firm was being perceived had become a barrier to its future growth. To appeal to its target clients, the firm needed an easy to navigate online experience that spoke to how it helps businesses achieve their goals on a national and global scale. Key elements to the firm’s successful rollout of the website redevelopment included a brand adjustment to replace the “friendly small-town lawyer” image it had with “polished, sharp and sophisticated” look. The firm also honed in on its true audience — clients and prospects.

Quarles & Brady identified three key marketing goals that the new website needed to achieve:

  1. Be a foundation for the firm’s tech savvy and nationally-focused next generation of rainmakers
  2. Provide the attorneys with the most cutting-edge technology available to grow the firm’s practices and present themselves in a digital context
  3. Tell the story of the firm’s top-tier level of client commitment

Through the website redevelopment, Quarles & Brady was able to present itself as the sophisticated, polished firm it considers itself to be. As a result, the firm had effectively shed the “friendly small-town lawyer” image that had been a millstone to its growth.

The website’s theme of commitment to its clients was now clear, and the changes reverberated throughout the firm, resulting in a renewed sense of confidence.

The new website sparked a culture of marketing at all levels. Armed with their own “attorney microsites,” attorneys saw the website as a viable marketing platform for themselves. As a result, attorneys offered up content for inclusion on their microsites, which is something that never happened with the old website.

Firmly cemented, the website now guides all of Quarles & Brady’s marketing efforts.

Online Resource:

Quarles & Brady website



Second Place

Perkins Coie LLP

"Website Revamp Keeps Visitors Reading and Refreshes the Brand"



Perkins Coie, a law firm known for its technology clients and technological savvy, was concerned that its website was now seven years old and looking somewhat dated.

The firm engaged Right Hat LLC, a design and branding firm, and Rubenstein Technology as the developer, to create and launch a major new tech-forward site. The new website was structured to reflect the firm’s brand message of excellence, innovation and client service; to position the firm as technologically sophisticated; and to put clients front and center, a pay-off for the tagline “Counsel to Great Companies.” To this end, the homepage features marquee clients, “great companies” that exemplify excellence, business knowledge, client service and innovation within their industry and business. By keeping the focus on the clients’ businesses, the firm is able to convey not only its long-standing relationships, but also how it has helped support client goals.

Most of the content is both prominently featured and easily accessible. The site is organized to maximize clarity while offering depth and richness of content. The site now contains a number of new, tech-forward features, including multimedia, mega-menus and responsive design, resulting in a dramatic increase in viewership. Responsive design, in particular, was important to the firm. It now enables visitors, whether they are on a cell phone, using a tablet or sitting at their desk to have the same robust experience. This resulted in an immediate 7 percent increase in mobile traffic.

Overall, Perkins Coie saw a 100 percent increase in YouTube views, and almost 200 percent more viewing minutes compared to the same amount of time prior to launch.

Online Resource:

Perkins Coie website



Honorable Mention

Parker Poe Adams & Bernstein LLP

"Parker Poe Website Revamp"



Parker Poe began the process of redesigning its website, www.parkerpoe.com, nearly two years before it launched. Rather than just Band-Aid what was there, the firm felt a completely new and cutting edge approach was needed to help fulfill its overall goals of raising the firm’s profile and creating one cohesive brand.

As the brand flagship, the new website needed to be a value-rich information portal for clients, businesses and visitors that was easy to navigate and mobile friendly. The firm’s intention in developing a new website was largely to better serve their external audience. They strove to set up their new website by how it would be used by clients and potential clients, focusing on their professionals’ listings and search, and naming practices and services according to what visitors typically searched for, not necessarily the internal technical names.

The entire marketing team was pulled in to perform various tasks in overseeing the design of the site and producing fresh content. The website committee, comprised of attorneys, staff and marketing reviewed and adjusted plans as needed. Once the firm had the beta website complete, they invited everyone to internally review it for a month. A special email box was set-up and monitored to take in complaints, compliments and suggestions, and all of the information received was used to make the site better.

The new website has proven a great success since its launch. It has put Parker Poe in the top of people’s minds and piqued their curiosity — they continue to receive compliments and inquiries about the site. Potential new clients have cited the website as the reason they called the firm. The design is extremely open and the navigation incredibly simple — visitors won’t get lost on the site or have a hard time finding the information they need. Because really — whose clients have time for that?

Online Resource:

Parker Poe Adams & Bernstein website