2015 Winners: Advertising — Campaign

First Place

Allen Matkins Leck Gamble Mallory & Natsis LLP

Allen Matkins/UCLA Anderson Forecast Online Advertising Campaign


Allen Matkins Leck Gamble Mallory & Natsis LLP positions itself as the preeminent commercial real estate firm in the western U.S. It has invested heavily in thought leadership, including the Allen Matkins/UCLA Anderson Forecast Commercial Real Estate Survey, which is published every six months.

The report surveys supply-side participants in the commercial real estate industry — including real estate developers, brokers and financiers — and provides guidance about what clients should expect in their businesses. The survey is distributed in printed, electronic (PDF) and video formats.

Allen Matkins Advertising First

The strategic objective of this initiative was to bring the survey to a larger audience of online readers and viewers. With that objective, Allen Matkins launched an online advertising campaign to drive people to download the survey (in PDF format) and watch the survey videos. The advertisements were designed to promote the brand and to pique the curiosity of readers by showcasing photos of the surveyed experts alongside their interesting quotes about what was in the survey results.

Knowing that very few people click on advertisements, Allen Matkins ensured that the advertisement impression contained all of the critical elements of the firm’s message.

The advertisements ran on:

  • Real estate industry websites, including the Allen Matkins website
  • Real estate email newsletters (e.g., Bisnow publications, RENTV. com)
  • Social media (e.g., Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, LinkedIn)

The goals of the advertising campaign were threefold:

  1. Drive people to the Allen Matkins landing page
  2. Directly capture an audience to watch the videos
  3. Capture leads by enticing the audience to download the report, which was available for free with registration

As a result of these advertisements, the “survey brand” received more than 35,000 impressions, the survey videos received more than 1,000 views and the PDF of the survey was downloaded 337 times.

Online Resources:

Flickr social media album

Landing page on the Allen Matkins website

Sample video



Second Place

Chain | Cohn | Stiles

Chain Cohn Stiles: Meet the Attorneys Videos


Too often, the general public has a perception that lawyers are disconnected with the clients they serve. It’s important for the public to view their attorneys as approachable, yet, professional. The goal in the latest video advertisements from Bakersfield, Calif.-based personal injury law firm Chain | Cohn | Stiles was to break the disconnect barrier in its hometown, and to humanize its attorneys.


The firm’s commercials and Web videos, titled “Meet the Attorneys,” give the public a chance to get to know the firm’s lawyers on a personal level — learn why they became lawyers, what they like most about their jobs and how they can serve them.

The firm created two versions of these videos: The 30-second commercials would appear on local television, and 90-second versions would reside on the firm's website.

Working with a Bakersfield-based film company, Scope Studios, the firm recorded all seven of the attorneys in similar fashion, answering questions in a candid interview-style format. The hope through these videos is that viewers would choose the attorneys based on their personalities and likability, history in Bakersfield, and their professional accolades. The biggest challenge was trying to develop something that wasn’t the typical personal injury lawyer commercials the public has come to expect — with a “call to action.” The goal was to brand.

From the background music and the slow motion shots of staff to the historical images of the lawyers, the videos put prospective clients in the firm’s offices — showing the care and compassion the firm gives each client. Even without a call-to-action message, the firm received a surge in calls following the videos debut. The videos will be used for more than a year on local TV and on its website.

Online Resources:

Sample video (90 seconds)

Sample video (30 seconds)

Landing page on Chain | Cohn | Stiles website



Third Place

Gray Reed & McGraw, P.C.

Lawyer Jokes with a Twist


The beginning of 2014 kicked off with an unforeseen name change for Gray Reed & McGraw (formerly Looper Reed & McGraw). After three months of rebranding, Gray Reed recognized that the name change necessitated an advertising campaign to re-establish the firm’s brand identity.

Because so many law firms use the same messaging in their advertising, Gray Reed worked with Love Advertising to come up with a unique campaign that would stand out. Through the research and planning process, Gray Reed and Love Advertising identified five unique factors that sets the firm apart, one of which was the firm’s light-hearted, non-stuffy attitude toward itself.


Through this selling point, Gray Reed then created a concept that made use of “lawyer” jokes — with the twist that they really are not jokes at all. The campaign conveyed the idea that Gray Reed takes their work seriously, but they do not take themselves too seriously: "We’re real people, just like you. We laugh. We joke. We work hard. We’re very good at what we do. You’re going to feel comfortable working with us." Additional messaging emphasis ranged from the firm’s efficiency to the firm’s surefootedness in understanding its clients’ industries.

Gray Reed encountered no obstacles in getting the green light to proceed and received an overwhelmingly positive response. In addition, Gray Reed and Love Advertising identified that it should primarily target trade publications (both print and digital) in industries in which the firm practices and spend less on general community publications. The ad campaign kicked off with general brand ads that ran in all the publications they had targeted. After a number of impressions, the ad campaign switched over to targeted ads specifically designed for each industry. The digital industry ads drove traffic to Gray Reed’s Web pages dedicated to these specific issues.



Honorable Mention

Porter Wright Morris & Arthur LLP

Porter Wright Advertising Campaign


Porter Wright Morris & Arthur LLP planned for a 2014 rollout of their next campaign. They began with a review of past campaigns to identify a new way to communicate their services and continue to move the 168-year-old brand forward. The plan was to repurpose much of the messaging, look and feel, and imagery assets into other marketing arenas; e.g., collateral, Web, experiential (special events, trade shows, etc.) and various other annual communication pieces such as those around their philanthropic, artistic and community involvement.

Research was conducted by both the internal marketing department Porter Wright’s creative agency, Summerfield Advertising. It included an audit of the firm’s past decade’s worth of advertisements, collateral and other messaging tools; and a comprehensive analysis of internal and competitive campaigns.


The final campaign was intended to build the brand and convey the breadth of services with a series of ads that could quickly rotate in various business publications. Each ad in the series focused on a specific issue (“The Problem”), was supported by a proof statement (“We Understand”) and culminated in a call to action (“…Call on us – because that is what we do”). The campaign featured a tagline — “Porter Wright, Making Sense of it All” — to underscore the message.

The firm focused on local business journals, negotiated a homogenous buy and ran the ad nearly 40 weeks in 2014 to increase awareness levels. The campaigns stood out with of a strategic use of white space against the design of each publications and a clean, straightforward look and feel.