2014 Winners: Practice Development


First Place

Foley & Lardner LLP

"Legal Innovation Hub for Next-generation Manufacturing"


Foley has deep historical relationships with manufacturing companies, going back more than 170 years. But the industry has changed dramatically in the past 10 years: knowledge and innovation, not metal, represent critical raw materials for the next generation of manufacturing. Companies looking to thrive in the new industrial revolution must recognize the fundamental difference in how they organize and operate: Manufacturing is not simply coming back, it’s moving forward.

Foley & Lardner - 1st Place

To seize on this global trend, Chief Global Strategy Officer Janis Nordstrom initiated a firm-wide business development and marketing program devoted to Next Generation Manufacturing. The objective of this effort was threefold:

  1. identify and implement a firm-wide strategic effort in which all practice groups could fully participate;
  2. take special advantage of the firm’s significant relationship with the manufacturing client base; and
  3. reposition Foley as a “go-to firm” for the legal needs of next generation manufacturers.

This program represents the most holistic look at an industry Foley has ever taken.

First and foremost the firm needed to better understand the business and legal needs of a large segment of its client base. The business development team encouraged attorneys to discuss the “business” needs of their clients, focusing on 13 primary business issues facing global manufacturers today.

A second goal was to prepare special marketing materials immediately relevant to manufacturing clients and prospects.

Third, Foley sought to align itself with key partners in the manufacturing space, including the National Association of Manufacturers, international consultants, accounting firms and regional manufacturing associations.

New marketing collateral was developed and website modifications were made. In the past year, the firm has made huge strides in positioning itself as a “go-to” law firm for manufacturers. Most important, a large segment of the firm’s client base that had been taken for granted became the focus for changing the firm’s client service approaches. Lawyer teams spent time visiting their clients and “listening” to how technology is changing the face of global manufacturing.



Second Place

Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC

"Baker Donelson Key Client Initiative"


The Key Client Attorney Initiative is a comprehensive program that seeks to grow revenue through the development of Baker Donelson’s key clients by supporting its attorneys who manage those clients. Points of focus include ensuring the firm provides top-notch service to key clients, seeks feedback from key clients and responds to it accordingly.

Baker Donelson - 2nd Place

The firm began the initiative with a two-day, intensive attorney training program, called the Key Client Attorney Forum. During this forum, attendees discussed the resources available and shared best practices.



Third Place

Winston & Strawn LLP

"Winston & Strawn International Business Risk Survey 2014"


In early 2013, Winston & Strawn launched an international business-development initiative with the goal of increasing awareness of the firm’s non-U.S. offices and winning business in key markets. One of the primary components of the initiative was creating the International Business Risk Survey, which was a combined marketing and business development effort.

Winson & Strawn - 3rd Place

Working with consultants Leigh Dance and Norm Rubenstein, the Winston team developed a short, focused survey that was sent to more than 2,000 senior in-house counsel and compliance officers at multi-national corporations in North America and Europe. Survey findings provided valuable insight into how in-house counsel in large international corporations anticipate, prevent and mitigate the risks associated with four significant business challenges:

  1. Data privacy and protection across borders
  2. Antitrust and competition regulation
  3. Threat of bribery and corruption
  4. Cross-border joint ventures and strategic alliances in emerging and high-growth markets

In the end, the survey met the firm’s goals of raising visibility for its London and Paris offices, and for the firm in general. The project was so successful that the firm plans to conduct a similar survey in 2014 with roundtables in Asia.