Winston & Strawn LLP

"Winston & Strawn Website Launch"


Winston & Strawn’s new website launched in October 2013 with the intent of offering a sophisticated and seamless experience for its clients and other digital-savvy audiences. The site reinforces the firm’s efforts to fully embrace innovative, client-driven initiatives. Featuring Winston’s new brand — “Business Solutions. Accomplished.” — the site interacts with users through intuitive navigation, robust searching capabilities, rich and clear content, and a simplified design.

Winston & Strawn LLP - Best in Show

The primary marketing goal for the site was to establish a new method for browsing, sharing and contributing content. To this end, the new navigation:

  1. enables users to consume content faster and in greater quantity and
  2. leverages the latest trends in SMO and SEO for maximum online visibility.

The redesigned framework utilizes poster pages, infographics, overlay environments and targeted translations, allowing users to browse quickly. The second goal was to develop a responsive site. The resulting design provides a new benchmark for the legal industry; a seamless browsing experience across all platforms. Third was to create a personalized framework to collect and store information in easily accessible “binders.” Finally, the Winston team created a storytelling system that highlights important content, providing both narrative- and visually driven elements.

Building a truly responsive site was a key differentiator. Users can now swipe between sections easily or expand and contract content on tablet or mobile devices. Landing pages act as “posters,” providing short, digestible data points for high-level content and serve as gateways into deeper, browseable content.

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Overlay environments allow users to browse content without navigating away from previous pages. Infographics simplify complicated statistics and immediately engage the audience. They also are a refreshing contrast to the commonplace use of photos on legal sites. Paired with topical videos, these design elements communicate powerful messages in a compelling way, showcasing Winston’s culture and reinforcing its brand. Of note, services content was streamlined from nearly 12,000 pages to approximately 1,300 pages of fresh information.

This project was led by a 16-member internal working committee composed of business development members; attorneys from various practices, sectors, offices and committees; and key administrators with a vested interest in the content and outcome. The firm partnered with The Carbone Smolan Agency and Rubenstein Technology on the project.

Within the first two months of the new site launch, as compared to the same period in the previous year, Winston has increased page views by 9.4% (equating to more than 755,000 pages viewed/month), as well as the number of returning visitors (by exactly 10%, equating to 13,464 pages/month). This indicates that the new method for browsing content is highly effective and that the Winston team has created a valuable resource.

In addition to the analytics, Winston received direct client and industry feedback: “...the branding approach you’ve taken in positioning the firm as solution driven is spot on…Your website does an excellent job in conveying that Winston is positioned to do just that” and “visually quite interesting (and different from most law firms), easy to determine where to move next.”



Second Place

Boughton Law Corporation

"Boughton Law’s 'Uniquely West Coast' Rebrand and Website Rehaul"


As a mid-sized, full-service firm located in downtown Vancouver, Boughton Law competes with highly specialized boutiques and global players. To build stronger brand awareness in the local market, the firm needed to develop an online presence that reflects its unique culture. Based on external market research of competitors' websites and an internal SWOT analysis, three key differentiators were identified: geography (West Coast), client type and attitude. The firm’s web design approach is bold, distinctive and clean, using brand imagery that speaks to the West Coast atmosphere and avoids stereotypical Vancouver skyline shots. The high contrast and greyscale lawyer portraits reflect an approachable yet professional attitude. Since launch, unique visitors have increased by 118% and individuals now spend, on average, almost a minute longer on the site.

Boughton Law Corporation - 2nd Place



Third Place

Foley Hoag LLP

"Foley Hoag Website Redesign"


Legal marketing must be driven by business development strategy. Foley Hoag LLP’s strategic goal in redeveloping its website was to turn this important communication vehicle into a business development tool to position its lawyers’ expertise and industry know-how.

Foley Hoag - 3rd Place

With an emphasis on user experience, the new engages visitors in a conversation about the firm and its attorneys via interactive resident content, social media channels and blogs.



Honorable Mention

Kegler Brown Hill + Ritter, LPA

"Kegler Brown Website Redesign"


For most of its history, Kegler Brown was focused on clients in central Ohio. Ten years ago, the firm realized that its local focus was a dying model for law firms. So they decided to expand their geographic focus — and it worked. The firm has since experienced solid growth, with much of the firm’s gains attributed to projects outside of locality.

Kegler Brown Hill + Ritter - Honorable Mention

As the firm began working with a more sophisticated and geographically diverse client base, it became apparent that the firm’s folksy image was a barrier to future growth. To appeal to its new target market, Kegler Brown embarked on a total brand refresh to focus on its new positioning and interactive strategy. The firm used its web platform to convincingly tell the story of how a mid-sized Ohio firm was a viable alternative to AmLaw 200 firms.

Within weeks of its launch, the website directly led to the firm becoming counsel in a transaction through which the anticipated engagement fee will be more than enough to cover the cost of the website itself — talk about a win-win.