2014 Winners: Recruiting

First Place

Bennett Jones LLP

"Bennett Jones"


The firm’s brand is built around its people. Bennett Jones is a 400-lawyer firm with a global presence, but the primary focus is on the people who build that foundation. Bennett Jones people are a true family, and that level of respect and admiration is key to operations. Whether it is a lateral hire, new associate, student or staff member, everyone has an interesting back story and is a genuinely interesting person. That is what Bennett Jones is, and what the firm looks for in its students. The videos are intended to show a bit of humility and the ability to be human, to laugh at ourselves and to show vulnerability.

Bennett Jones - 1st Place

A scan of recruiting materials and media across North America revealed two distinct things:

  1. Most firms approach recruiting in the exact same way, with static information, maybe a picture of a student riding a Vespa to seem relevant, or simply talking about how choosing this firm or that firm would make your life better than another firm. Fact is, all firms are very, very similar.
  2. Video is becoming commonplace, but the world doesn’t need and/or want another flash mob.

Bennett Jones’ approach was to continue the practice of interviewing students to see what really matters to them. How do they feel? What affects their decision-making process? What are they really looking for in a firm? Attorneys and staff also asked them about recruiting and interviews and how they feel about one of the biggest days in their young careers? This information was essential in preparing a series of professional videos about the interview process to help break the ice, alleviate some concerns and help students relax, so interviewers get to see the real person.

As part of the program, Bennett Jones also produces an annual What to Expect Guide that has proven to be very successful with students. For this year’s guide, the firm took a more human interest approach, instead of just facts and figures. With the help of students, the guide included human interest stories of where students come from and who they are outside the firm.

The results were outstanding. The guide had features about students who are MMA fighters, travelers, musicians, members of the military, design geeks, hockey players, humanitarians, golfers and more. The firm wants interesting students who are considering Bennett Jones to relate to the type of people this firm is built upon.



Honorable Mention

Freeborn & Peters LLP and Jaffe PR

"Your Future Is Our Purpose' Recruiting Videos"


In early 2013, Freeborn & Peters completed a comprehensive rebranding exercise, in which all elements of its identity, including its logo, were updated. The firm’s tagline became “Your Future Is Our Purpose,” speaking not just to its commitment to its clients’ success, but also to its focus on the growth and personal development of its attorneys and staff.

Freeborn + Jaffe - Honorable Mention

The objective for the remainder of 2013 was to share this philosophy with clients and prospects, and particularly with lateral hires who could help the firm grow business rapidly. Working with Jaffe PR, the firm decided video would be the most effective medium to engage successful, mid-career attorneys with substantial books of business; to share stories showcasing the firm’s unique culture, core values and opportunities for personal growth; and to persuade recruits to join Freeborn in preference to other firms.

The videos have had a substantial impact on recruiting efforts, with one recruit even noting: “While not the sole determinant of my decision, the [videos] had a profound influence on my choice of Freeborn.”