2014 Winners: Promotional & Collateral Materials — Brochure


First Place

Steptoe & Johnson PLLC

"Below the Surface"


West Virginia-based Steptoe & Johnson has emerged as a major player in the shale gas production and broader energy fields regionally and nationally with expansion into Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas and Colorado. The industry is central to the firm’s strategic growth. The goal of the Below the Surface: The Legal Challenges of Shale Gas Production thought leadership initiative is to expand awareness of the firm’s credentials in the sector, contribute substantive value to clients and prospects through our research enhance the efforts to position the firm as a leader in the field.

Steptoe & Johnson - 1st Place

The firm’s energy industry practice has increased more than 20% in part because of the Below the Surface report. The report is in its fourth printing because of high demand. The report also resulted more than 200 visits to a specially designed Web page dedicated to Below the Surface. Study results have been presented at more than a dozen conference and client seminars, including a major energy symposium. Plus, it was distributed to every reader in the October edition of Oil and Gas Investor Magazine.



Second Place

Richards Kibbe & Orbe LLP

"Debt Trading in Distressed Europe"


Richards Kibbe & Orbe's “Debt Trading in Distressed Europe” handbook provides an in-depth analysis of debt and claims trading regulations in seven European countries. This piece showcased not only key distressed markets, but also RK&O’s experience in the field. RK&O’s Distressed Debt practice is a cornerstone of this 75-lawyer firm, and RK&O lawyers have counseled clients in debt and claims trading in tens of thousands of transactions around the globe.

Richards Kibbe & Orbe - 2nd Place



Third Place

Husch Blackwell LLP

"Husch Blackwell Industry Brochures"


At the beginning of 2013, Husch Blackwell embarked on its “Industry First” strategy by completely restructuring itself around industry business units to deliver greater value and more effective counsel to clients. The key marketing objective in 2013 was to align efforts with the firm’s Industry First strategy, demonstrating how it is different from other firms and why this difference is valuable to clients and prospective clients.

Husch Blackwell - 3rd Place

The brochures created were targeted to corporate counsel and C-level executives across the range of industries by which the firm is organized namely:

  1. Energy and natural resources
  2. Financial services
  3. Food and agribusiness
  4. Healthcare
  5. Life sciences and pharmaceuticals
  6. Real estate, development and construction
  7. Transportation, technology and manufacturing



Honorable Mention

Sedgwick LLP

"Sedgwick: The Evolution of a Trial Firm' History Book"


“Sedgwick: The Evolution of a Trial Firm” is a testament to Sedgwick LLP’s founders. The book was created to educate all members of the firm about the its origins as a trial firm and to instill in the next generation of firm leaders the values established by its founders — hard work, intense loyalty, exceptional client service and the art of trial.

Sedgwick LLP - Honorable Mention

The book contributed to the cohesiveness of a growing firm that added several offices and lateral groups in previous years, and helped ensure that all members of the firm, whether they’ve worked at Sedgwick their entire career or joined the firm recently, share in the firm’s history and know that they are the next generation of a firm with an 80-year tradition of achieving results for clients in the courtroom.