2014 Winners: Online Interactive Marketing Tools


First Place

Constangy, Brooks & Smith, LLP

"Work. Learn. Play. Constangy Launches Mobile App"


Constangy ranks smallest of the big six employment boutiques, so, unlike competitors, our distinct market position can’t be based on massive numbers of lawyers or global footprints. Constangy’s lawyers are as expert as they come and are differentiated through personality. Anyone who reads the firm’s Insider blog hears an entertaining voice. Conference-goers have flocked to the Constangy booth for Mood Rings that “rate what mood employees are putting you in today.” Client interviews reveal that “Constangy attorneys leave their egos at the door” and “There’s a soul to Constangy you don’t find elsewhere.”

Constangy - 1st Place

But when website visits via mobile devices jumped 300% over two years while page views per visit dropped 7.5%, marketing staff realized the need for a user-friendly mobile strategy. Competitive analysis and extensive research led marketing staff to develop a mobile app that not only informs, but is fun. Goals included improving mobile length of stay 10% and demonstrating Constangy’s expertise in an entertaining and useful format.

The app goes beyond current-website content, including a resources section that spans multiple practice areas, with a legal glossary, checklists and calculators. Additionally, the site makes content socially shareable to promote client advocacy, and attorney bios display LinkedIn and Twitter accounts to aid interaction. “Work Snips” (snarky takes on employment law cases, updated weekly) and a game illustrate Constangy’s fun personality, and the game icons emphasize industries the firm’s attorneys serve.

Though careful content development was essential, the rollout was just as important. An informal client focus group collected insights, and a webinar presented to attorneys and staff educated them about the app prelaunch. Marketing staff executed the external promotional campaign: Work. Learn. Play. This theme was realized in an integrated marketing mix, from postcards with the app’s QR code to e-blasts promoting a drawing to win an “App-e-tizer” Party.

Online communications were key to draw in app-friendly audiences. The firm started internally with auto-detection of mobile visitors to the website-inviting app download — and added a link to email signatures firm wide. In addition to print advertising in the magazine for the Association of Corporate Counsel, the firm placed ads in a national HR association’s workplace law e-newsletter to generate awareness among primary targets. The firm also included social media promotion through Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

The standout promotional tool was the conference booth giveaway: app-branded screen cleaners that stick to backs of smartphones. These useful products proved to be conversation starters while promising to spread word about the app beyond the conference. Feedback from clients and conference attendees praised the game and resources in particular. Four immediate client opportunities resulted. The campaign more than doubled the length of stay goal too — it increased almost 23% — plus the app’s repeat visits stats exceed national benchmarks.



Second Place

Perkins Coie LLP

"A Holiday Video Leads Clients to Alerts Throughout the Year"


How can a law firm video increase readership of lawyers' writings?

Make a video worth watching.

That's what the Perkins Coie marketers discovered when looking to increase readership of its Wrapping Paper series. The holiday-focused client alerts are distributed to Retail & Consumer Products clients. After eight years of updates, view rates were stagnant and the firm decided to invigorate and support the publishing efforts of its attorneys.

Perkins Coie - 2nd Place

The main substantive message informed retailers about the need to protect trademarks. Additional inherent messages include the creativity and accessibility of firm attorneys — these professionals can move away from the desk and still be engaging and intelligent. At just 41 seconds, the brief video acknowledged that clients are busy people and the firm doesn't want to waste their time. The video also communicated that Perkins Coie starts thinking about the holidays in June.



Third Place

Bracewell & Giuliani LLP

"ShalePlay Mobile App"


After monitoring and studying mobile marketing technologies for years, the Bracewell & Giuliani marketing and business development discerned a way to unite three trends into its strategic marketing efforts:

  1. The energy, legal, governmental and media communities’ growing use of mobile digital media
  2. The firm’s widely regarded brand as an energy law firm
  3. The firm’s continued desire to be acknowledged as a sophisticated thought leader in legal and industrial circles

Bracewell & Giuliani - 3rd Place

Bracewell provides hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of services to the energy industry each year, and hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of services to the growing upstream shale exploration and production industry (commonly known as hydraulic fracturing, or fracking). This shale sector has experienced exponential growth in the last decade, so much so that U.S. energy independence and energy exports are now serious discussion topics. Combining these two components, Bracewell decided to develop a mobile application to:

  • Support recognition of the firm as a leading legal authority in shale by providing regularly updated information about shale-related legal and public policy issues
  • Show its strengths in three core areas — legal (regulatory/litigation), public policy/lobbying and strategic communications/media relations
  • Tap another distribution channel for its regular digital communications
  • Maintain a strong market share in a growth industry.

The app, ShalePlay, was approved in November 2013 and went live in the Apple App Store on December 16, 2013, with a full media and communications rollout in January 2014.



Honorable Mention

Sedgwick LLP

"Sedgwick: The Birth of a Trial Firm Video"


“Sedgwick: The Birth of a Trial Firm” video is a concise retelling of Sedgwick’s history from its establishment as a trial firm in 1933. It highlights the core values of the founders who have enabled the firm to thrive for 80 years, and succeeds at both educating and entertaining a growing and internal audience as well as external firm contacts. The video serves as an ideal method to help continue the legacy of the firm’s founders and a source of pride for the firm’s attorneys and staff.

Sedgwick - Honorable Mention