Think Tank Insights Series #2: The Acceler8TM Program – Key Trends for 2014

The Think Tank’s “Acceler8TM Program” is a series of eight webinar-style recordings that describe important trends that we see coming in 2014 – and more importantly, how those trends can be addressed. The videos are presented by a range of LMA members, including technologists, experts in change management, branding specialist, and in-firm marketing professionals.

Videos are added as they are recorded, during the course of the Fall of 2013 and into Winter 2014.

How Sharing Content and Engaging Directly with Prospects and Clients Will Be Essential to Marketers

Presented by Keith Ecker, Vice President, Jaffe PR

The audiences law firms are trying to reach with marketing are changing dramatically. They digest information in far more interactive ways.

To keep up with this shift in 2014, law firms must not just deliver copy; instead, they must share content with clients and establish an engaging conversation with clients and prospects.

Keith describes why content will be increasingly vital, how law firms can create more high quality content, and how to engage clients in dialogue.

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From Firm Ground to Quicksand: How Law Firm Branding Will Become Ever More Complex in 2014

Presented by Elonide Semmes, President, RightHat

It used to be that Martindale Hubbell directory listings, club memberships and a quarterly printed newsletter were the only marketing tools you needed. But even in just the past five years – with smart phones, tablets, and social media – everything has changed. In 2014, these trends will accelerate, making the challenge of branding, well… yet more challenging.

Elonide describes this trend and gives three powerful techniques to avoid sinking into the branding quicksand.

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The Visual Social media Platforms are Coming!
How Tumblr, Flickr, Instagram, Infographics, Pinterest, YouTube, Vine, and SlideShare Will Bring a Revolution in Legal Marketing

Presented by Peggy Heffner, PR and Social Media Manager at Dechert LLP and Lisa Jaycox, Head of US Marketing and Communications, Gorkana USA

90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and images are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text. It’s no wonder that we humans have used social media to winnow down our communication methods from 1,000-word blogs, to 140-character Tweets, and now to wordless images.

Lisa and Peggy will explain how savvy legal marketers and PR professionals will show, not tell, their stories on social media and harvest higher levels of engagement as a result.

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Thought Leadership Requires Balance:
How Marketers Will Allocate and Promote Intellectual Capital Across Proliferating Channels

Presented by Ben Greenzweig, Principal and Co-CEO, Momentum Events & Consulting

The promotion of a firm’s thought leadership is increasingly requiring a multi faceted approach that spans many channels.

But what is the right balance across different media that ensures cost efficiency, but also maximizes effectiveness? How do you choose between Twitter and LinkedIn vs. webinars and email, for example?

Based on conversations with senior legal BD and marketing professionals, Ben will outline how law firm leaders are tackling the challenge of promoting their firm’s thought leadership in 2014 and beyond.

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Marketing Goes Mobile:
Resources for Business Development Will Have to Be Available “On-The-Go”

Presented by Mark Young, President, ShiftCentral, and Mark Power, Founder, Concep

In 2014, investments in new revenue generation capabilities must lead to both greater efficiency and greater effectiveness. As attorneys become more and more fluent in the use of mobile devices, they will expect marketing content to be available to them wherever they are, and particularly if they are en route to clients, prospects, or referral sources. Mark and Mark will explain how a purposeful shift in the creation and curation of content from the desktop to phones, tablets and in the cloud will help legal markets drive a culture of “mobile business development.”

We Have Seen The Future:
How Big Data and Analytical Tools Will Give Business Development and Marketing Powerful, New Insights

Presented by Alina Gorokhovsky, Strategic Advisor and  previously Chief Strategy Officer, McKenna Long & Aldridge; Partner, RCT Partners.

In 2014, Big Data is coming to the legal industry in a big way. In fact, emerging analytical techniques will give us the capacity to “know the future” based on what we know today. By asking the right questions, collecting the right data, and conducting the right analysis, legal marketers will have the potential to target clients more effectively, establish greater influence, and dramatically increase our return on investment. Alina outlines the changing technology and explains how legal marketers can build the necessary analytical capabilities.

Website Practice Area Descriptions are Awful:
How Market Forces and Technology Mean We Must and Can Fix Them

Presented by Robert Algeri, Partner and Co-Founder, Great Jakes Marketing Company

Practice area descriptions have long been the neglected stepchildren of legal marketing, accounting for less than 10% of overall law firm website traffic. They essentially say: “We do practically everything for practically everybody,” and that approach won’t win new clients. Robert will explain how making these practice pages more focused, more information-rich, and more dynamic is necessary and, in 2014, a practical reality.