Instructions for Call for Speakers

1.    When adding a speaker the system requires you to link each speaker/presenter to their LMA database record. You must find out if they are already in the database before you begin your submission.

Search for them here

If your speaker/presenter IS NOT in the database, you must first create a guest record for them. This process will send them an email letting them know they have been added.

2.    Once your presenters are in the database you can begin your submission

3.    Select Call for Presenters from the drop down menu and press go.

4.    Begin filling out the form accordingly

  • The Session Submitter and Primary Presenter will default to you.
  • To change, select the role and click Edit.
  • Find the speaker/presenter by selecting *Full LMA Database and finding their name from the drop down menu titled Select User. Press ok to continue.

    Select Speakers

  • Perform the same actions for the Second and Third Presenter roles as needed.

5.    Continue filling out the form, being sure to enter information in all of the required fields, and press ok when you are finished.

Edit Your Presentation

You are able to edit your presentation after you've completed your original submission.

  1. Navigate to your profile and select My Presentations

    Navigate to My Presentations
  2. You will see every submission you have made to any LMA event. Scroll to the submissions labeled "Speaker Database" and click on the title of the submission you are editing.

    Select Submission to Edit
  3. Once in the submission, click on the pencil icon in the left menu bar to edit.

    Edit Submission
  4. Once you are done making your changes, make sure to scroll to the bottom and click OK