Sponsor Spotlight: Berbay Marketing & PR

Berbay is a marketing and public relations firm specializing in creating the visibility and credibility that fuels revenue growth for professional service firms in law, finance and real estate. Since 1995, Berbay has successfully implemented marketing programs that propel clients forward to meet their business development, communications and public relations goals.

What does a typical day at your company look like?

Every day is a little different at Berbay. The day almost always consists of managing multi-faceted public relations campaigns for clients. This includes creating story ideas, crafting press releases or pitches, coordinating interview opportunities, media training so our clients are prepared and more. In addition to our day-to-day PR efforts for clients, we are also managing and pushing other campaigns, such as drafting content for websites, newsletters, blogs and social media accounts; coordinating and facilitating webinars or other speaking engagements; identifying and pursuing nomination opportunities; managing and overseeing robust search engine optimization campaigns; and strategizing on messaging, action plans and forward-thinking creatives to meet our client’s objectives.

How has Covid-19 changed things for you?

COVID has certainly impacted all industries and the marketing/PR industry is no different. It’s forced people to step back and reevaluate their business objectives, relationships with clients and how they communicate with the outside world. While there are many strategies we kept in place for clients, we needed to pivot to better demonstrate client’s value during uncertain times, stay more connected in our new virtual environment, and ensure their messaging wasn’t tone deaf with everything going on in the world.

What sets your company apart in the industry?

We have deep knowledge of the legal, real estate and financial industries, which means little to no learning curve. We are results-driven, tenacious, creative and love what we do – this all allows our clients to focus on what they do best: run their business.

What are one or two thing(s) people may not know about your team?

We are an all-women team – owned, run and managed by a group of incredible, smart and fun women.


Megan Braverman, Principal

megan@berbay.com, (310) 405-7343

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