Sponsor Spotlight: Blattel Communications

Celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2020, Blattel Communications is a business-to-business public relations and marketing communications agency specializing in professional services, with clients in legal, accounting and financial services, real estate, construction, architecture, consulting and professional organizations. Headquartered in San Francisco, the agency has senior professionals throughout California and in Washington, D.C. Blattel Communications has garnered numerous industry awards over the years and was voted the winner in the public relations category for The Recorder’s “Best of 2019” reader survey.

What does a typical day at your company look like?
We start the day scouring the news for trending topics that provide openings for inserting our clients into the dialogue and positioning them as thought-leaders, always with a laser focus on specific business development goals. While we used to be buried in physical newspapers and magazines, today it is open tabs on our browsers. Our focus is both regional – with “sweet spots” west of the Rockies, across Texas and in select East Coast markets – and national. Our emphasis is on reaching audiences in various niche market sectors – via media outlets that speak directly to our clients’ clients. We create and implement client communications and marketing and business development plans that include activities such as: placing byline articles; developing commentary and speaking opportunities; drafting award nominations; advising on the development of websites, ads and marketing collateral; email marketing and social media campaigns; as well as crisis communication counseling and litigation support. We cover a lot of ground and serve as an essential partner for our clients.

How has Covid-19 changed things for you?
COVID-19 has created an enormous need for educational content, as our clients and their clients navigate the uncertainty. The pandemic is so all-encompassing that nearly every story we are suggesting to the media and every conversation we are having with our clients acknowledges its impact. Since mid-March, we have been able to line up opportunities for clients on a variety of platforms, including broadcast (TV, radio and podcasts), newspapers (national and local) and a wide-range of industry trade publications. For our legal clients, their perspective on trillion-dollar federal relief legislation, massive workplace interruptions and sudden regulatory rollbacks has been in high-demand. Like a good point guard, we help run the play and pass the ball for the score. We’ve racked up a lot of assists recently. On the crisis side, we have also been particularly active, helping several companies with COVID-19-positive employees navigate related messaging and operations and also partnering with clients to fine-tune action-based responses to the race relations conversation spurred by the killing of George Floyd. The Chinese proverb “May you live in interesting times” certainly seems apt. This a challenging period on multiple dimensions for our clients and for all of us. Our driving goal is to help bring business to business and be part of a team effort to build a bridge to better days.

What sets your company apart in the industry?
We are relentlessly proactive – we don’t wait for our clients to surface newsworthy topics. We’re on the frontlines identifying the issues and trends driving both media coverage and business development-oriented inquires. Our account teams are virtual extensions of our clients’ in-house departments and often serve as the de facto department for clients when marketing resources are thin or nonexistent. All have access to Blattel Communications’ “Sourcing Bureau,” a media relations hub that delivers a steady stream of news pegs and fresh angles, as well as connections to the reporters, editors and producers developing related content. Our seasoned Blattel Communications’ team, many of whom have several years with the agency, is a key differentiator. Our agency’s longevity gives us both stability and an outstanding perspective on the business of law and related trends. “Success” for us is a shared goal we work with clients to achieve. Often, this is taking previously unnoticed thought-leaders who have been using their expertise to guide clients for years and transforming them into media superstars in their field.

What are one or two thing(s) people may not know about your team?
We have always been a California agency, but for many years now, we’ve had professionals outside the state. This helps us to serve clients across time zones and chase opportunities emanating from East Coast media hubs and stay ahead of those in the Central, Mountain and Pacific time zones. Another point of difference is the range of law firms with which we work - from small plaintiffs’ firms that leverage our marketing services division, to our promotion of mid-sized, regional powerhouses and industry-focused heavyweights, to our traditional media relations support of BigLaw PR departments and crisis communications services often extended to our law firm clients’ clients. Our deep experience in the legal space and broad marketing communications skill set mean we can deliver results that are on point to specific business development goals.


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