Congratulations to the 2018 Legal Marketing Technology Impact Award Winners!

On February 1st, the 2018 Legal Marketing Technology Impact Awards were presented at the 2018 LMATech West Conference in San Francisco! Many firms submitted their technology projects for the awards in the categories of Marketing & Business Development, Service & Delivery, and Strategy & Innovation.

Here are the winners:

Orrick GDPR Readiness Tool (Marketing & Business Development)


Helena Lawrence (Orrick) with Impact Awards Chair Igor Ilyinsky

Orrick saw the pending General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as an opportunity to provide an innovative value-added service to clients and the usual methods of outreach – blog posts, CLEs, pitches, would not suffice. Orrick’s clients are fast on growth and value commercial sense and value. Orrick used technology in the same way its clients do, making the service easier and more accessible with its GDPR Readiness Assessment Tool. The tool was launched through Orrick’s a marketing campaign that had three goals: (1) raise Orrick’s EU profile as the go-to firm for data privacy; (2) increase lawyer engagement with clients and contacts; (3) win new client retentions. Internally, Orrick sought to demonstrate the value of marketing campaigns, over random acts of marketing. The tool, with its engaging and innovative technology, succeeded beyond Orrick’s expectations in raising the profile of its practice and ultimately driving business to the firm.

Honorable Mention - Payne & Fears


Allen Matkins Budget Estimate & Burn Rate (Client Service & Delivery)


Stefanie Knapp (Allen Matkins)

To preserve and increase competitiveness, firms need to do better on matching their fees with clients' expectations. Most legal matters that firms handle have a budget or estimate – but the budget or estimate may not be explicitly stated. Frequently the budget or estimate is a number in an attorney's head, or may be an amount that is offered to a client when discussing a matter, but ends up being perceived by the client as the budget for the matter. Other times firms have matters that have explicit budgets. We recognized not only this problem, the but need to find a solution that attorneys would use that would allow attorneys to view client and matter billings, see a snapshot of the matters that s/he is managing, easily add estimates and budgets, easily provide informal estimates or formal budgets for matters, quickly view matter detail, get more detailed pages through links to the firm finance systems, and receive "early warning" alerts about actual worked amounts versus the estimates or budgets.

Honorable Mention - Bird & Bird


Keesal, Young & Logan NewWork Intake (Strategy & Innovation)


David Ackert (on behalf of Keesal, Young & Logan) with Impact Awards Chair Igor Ilyinsky

A tremendous volume of today’s corporate legal work is still disaggregated and spread across multiple outside firms. Handling it efficiently on behalf of clients requires seamless interactions across all stages of a matter’s lifecycle and between all partners in the legal ecosystem. The intake of new work assignments at law firms is a critical inflection point in these transitions. It is this essential intake on boarding process that Justin Hectus, CIO at Keesal, Young and Logan, selected as a pilot TAP project: the New Work Intake process. The ThinkSmart Automation Platform lets you create a workflow via a drag-and-drop form builder. Users can import existing forms, build new ones, embed conditional logic, use multiple form field types, and integrate e-signatures. Hectus compares building a workflow in TAP to creating a mockup on a graphics program. “When you place a new element on-screen in TAP, the workflow is immediately programmed on the back-end. It’s real-time and very robust.” In one week, and without developer involvement or displacing existing software, Hectus interviewed all stakeholders, outlined the stages to complete the process, and completed an integrated, NewWork Intake solution. “I spent a couple of hours per day on it, for several days,” he explains, “and obtained help from ThinkSmart for only the final 20 percent. By contrast, it typically takes several months to develop one single-purpose app using traditional programming methods or other applications.”

Honorable Mention - Jenner & Block


Congratulations to the winners!

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