LMA Northeast: Welcome to 2021!

Welcome to 2021!

After 12 months of health, social, racial, economic and political turbulence, 2020 leaves us all craving normalcy and stability in our communities, our families, our places of work and our industry.

While as an industry we can't resolve every issue, the LMA community can contribute by continuing to advocate for the profession, provide education and resources, and create communities of support.  In 2021, Northeast will have these priorities to help maintain value and add additional value to members:

Focus on the local. Each LMA region, each local group, each SIG and each member has different needs that are best served locally. The Northeast board is here to ensure that the Local Steering Committees are able to continue to offer a sense of community and professional support.

Continue the tradition of providing high quality programming. We will be looking at ways to optimize the technology that delivers the programming.  In addition, as important as education is the social nature of the LMA so we will be seeking technology to help bring smaller groups together.

Help members in transition. Unlike previous years such as 2008 when the number of members in transition swelled, this year the LMA will have to provide help remotely. Doing so creatively will be a top priority. What kinds of programming will be of help? Are there particular skills those members are interested in developing? How can we make it easier for them to maintain their membership?

Advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion. Our industry has plenty of work to do to increase representation of Blacks, Latinos and other minorities — in leadership positions and the broader workforce. Every committee, every program will need to ask the question: How could this initiative contribute to DEI within the LMA? The longer-term goal is increasing diversity at all levels in the Northeast region. We look forward to the results of DEI membership survey that is currently underway and will help instruct action.

While the focus is on the local, it is the strength of the whole regional and the national organization that makes the LMA a special community. We are better together.


Matt Parfitt
2021 LMANE President

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LMA Northeast: Welcome to 2021!