LMA Northeast Regional Knowledge Center Launches

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The LMANE Knowledge Center is a new resource that facilitates the ability of volunteer leaders to serve the 1200+ legal marketing professionals that are members in the LMA Northeast Region.
From the time that LMA Chapters were formed in the Northeast (Boston, New York, Philadelphia) and the regionalization of LMA Northeast (LMANE) took effect in 2017, volunteer leaders have created a tremendous number of documents. These include source materials, worksheets, pamphlets, flyers, “how to” operational guides, and other documentation.
To create a single source for volunteers to use going forward, the LMANE Board approved a Documentation Task Force and goal of building and launching a Regional Knowledge Center for LMANE. In January, Task Force Chair Catherine Alman MacDonagh, JD asked for volunteers and got a great response from members to help with this short-term project.

The Task Force team has worked together over the last several months to conduct outreach to past and current leaders throughout the region. Over the course of 4 months, the 15-member task force contacted more than 90 former leaders and sourced 85 documents.
All the files were reviewed and categorized into a searchable index. The searchable files will be shared with incoming Regional Board Members, Local Steering Committees (LSCs), Special Interest Group (SIG) Chairs and other interested parties. The LMANE Knowledge Center is designed for easier sharing of resources, smoother transitions, and less “reinventing the wheel” each time a new volunteer joins LMANE leadership, and is organized by categories:
  • Advocacy
  • Affinity Groups/SIGs
  • Local Outreach/Satellite Cities
  • Local Steering Committees
  • Marketing Communications
  • Membership
  • President/Leadership/Board of Directors
  • Programming
  • Regional Conference
  • Secretary
  • Sponsorship
  • Operations
  • Treasurer/Finance


We thank and congratulate our colleagues who are the members of the Documentation Task Force for their dedication and enthusiasm for this important project, particularly during an especially challenging period in our work experience and personal lives.

Catherine Alman MacDonagh, JD
Ellen Auwater
Tammy Eyerman
Alissa Galford
Felicia Gojmerac
Jim Jarrell
Claudia Lechtman
Kelsey McSheffrey
Allison Nussbaum
Kelsi Oliver
Gail Paul
Tempest Rice
Sue Russon
Jonathan Sheehan
Alyssa Soni

The index is designed to be updated and revised regularly. To contribute a resource to the LMANE Knowledge Center and for more information, please email 
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