President's Message - May 2020

Dear LMA Northeast Members and Colleagues, 

In these challenging times, I find the uncertainty that we are facing to be both unnerving and anxiety producing. Some days, the simplest of tasks feel impossible to accomplish. Then, there are other moments where I find myself so appreciative and grateful for simple joys that I have otherwise been too busy to notice. Prior to the global pandemic, I craved more time at home and now I am anxiously longing for a typical Monday in the office. The emotions induced by the pandemic are strong and often dichotomous. 

I know that you may be feeling this way, too. I hope that you are taking time for yourself. Heed the advice of the flight attendants and put your own mask on first—both figuratively and literally. In order to take care of your family members, clients, colleagues and friends, be sure that you are taking care of yourself first. 

I recently listened to a podcast about the feeling of loneliness and learned that humans require three kinds of relationships to avoid loneliness: intimacy (romantic or familial), friendship and community. I thought of our LMA community immediately. We’re all in this together. If there’s anything that LMA or its membership can do to help support you, please reach out to me or any other member. The LMA network is vast and there are tremendous resources available to you throughout the organization and its membership. 

Thinking of you and hoping that we can all be together in person soon. 

Dawn Sheiker
LMANE President

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