LMANE19 Speaker Q&A with Derek Jones

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Jones Derek 2019.jpgWe all know that client feedback programs are key to understanding our clients and enabling us to retain, grow and deepen our most important relationships. But how do you make a program at a law firm a success? Derek Jones, Acuigen’s CEO, will be leading a panel addressing the topic: Building Your Legal Brand Using Outside Client Feedback at LMANE19, and sharing insights gleaned from more than 25 years of experience with client and customer feedback programs.

Why did you choose to speak at the LMANE19 conference?

The LMA brings together a talented group of people who bring so much knowledge, experience and skill to LMA conferences and events across the US.  These people are shaping the way that the business of law is done. 

Having attended many LMA events over the past 7 years, where there is always something new and something to learn, we are keen to contribute to the discussion and provide some practical advice and ideas on how to build client feedback programs that work.

What are you hoping attendees take away from your presentation?

Few in the LMA fail to understand the benefits of client feedback, yet the legal profession has been slow to adopt feedback practices that are otherwise second nature to those used in many commercial and public sector organisations.   We will ask why!

We will be providing practical advice and our best ideas to build client feedback programs that work.  We will discuss the different ways to go about collecting client feedback and opinion, what to do with the information once collected, and who should get to read it.

We’ll also discuss how to avoid obvious pitfalls, how to motivate attorneys and reward success, and how to link the knowledge gained into key internal processes within your firm to leverage your brand and get noticed.  A well thought through client feedback program brings about change – so how do you manage this type of content?

What are you personally expecting to get out of this year's conference and what are you most looking forward to?

Meeting lots of talented people, sharing ideas, and listening to what other speakers have to say. I always enjoy visiting the US, its diversity, amazing places, and meeting people.

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