LMANE19 Speaker Q&A with Greg Fleischmann

Fleischmann_Greg 2019.jpg“We all know that client feedback programs are central to informing and guiding our roles as marketing and business development professionals, but how do you build a program that works? What do you do with feedback once it’s collected, and how can feedback and the feedback process be effectively used to build your brand? These are the key questions that will be answered during our Building Your Legal Brand Using Outside Client Feedback panel at LMANE19. Greg Fleischmann, Sidley Austin’s Director of Global Business Development and Marketing, offers his thoughts on what he hopes those attending will take away from the panel and why he values his participation in the conference and in LMA.”

Why did you choose to speak at the LMANE19 conference?

I always appreciate the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with LMAers… and I always learn so much in the process. Without fail I know I will make new friends, hear new perspectives and, hopefully, help someone with their job or their career. For me, this is one of the most enjoyable aspects of being part of the LMA community.

What are you hoping attendees take away from your presentation?

Along with my highly experienced colleagues, I am speaking on the topic of using client feedback to build brand. We bring a diverse range of experience to this discussion – including in-house and service provider experience – and I hope attendees come away with some practical tools and tips to have smarter conversations with their stakeholders about the importance of client feedback in key decision-making

What are you personally expecting to get out of this year's conference?

Communities don’t build themselves. The strength of our LMA community is built on all of the things we do – both big and small – to stay connected through our sharing of expertise and information, and a generous spirit of giving. I expect to contribute to the ongoing effort to build our community, and also to come away with some practical anecdotes and, hopefully, some new friends! 

What are you most looking forward to?

I look forward to getting a huge emotional boost from participating this year and giving back / paying it forward to my colleagues.

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