LMANE19 Speaker Q&A with Tasneem Khokha

Khokha Tasneem.jpegIt is generally recognized that diverse lawyers tend to lag behind their majority counterparts when it comes to building and sustaining their own books of business. But legal marketers know that the ability to generate business affords diverse lawyers more opportunities for advancement, greater ability to reach the highest ranks of partnership, and more overall security in their careers. How can legal marketers help our diverse lawyers bridge this gap? We’re excited to welcome Tasneem Khokha from GrowthPlay who will helm “Playing to Win: Turning BD Challenges into Opportunities for Our Diverse Attorneys” at LMANE19 and lay out the roadmap for helping diverse lawyers succeed in business development, build and nurture their professional network, create and capitalize on opportunities for new business and maximize their individual strengths and interests.

We asked Tasneem, executive leader in the professional services space and renowned business development coach, about what she hopes attendees take away from her interactive session and what she is most looking forward to at LMANE19.

Why did you submit to present at the LMANE19 conference? 

Retaining and advancing diverse lawyers in law firms has been the subject of much discussion in the industry, and yet, progress has been slow. We have had the privilege of working with several firms to address this challenge by helping diverse lawyers grow their books of business, and we are eager to share what we have learned. We see supporting the business development success of diverse lawyers as a key driver to promoting diversity within law firms, and we want to help more firms do just that.

What are you hoping attendees learn from your presentation? 

I am hoping that attendees will gain insights into the unique opportunities and challenges diverse lawyers face in developing business. I am also hoping attendees will walk away with practical tools to help the diverse lawyers in their firms be successful in growing their books of business.

What are you personally expecting to get out of this year's LMANE19 conference? 

I expect that LMANE19 will assemble the people and ideas that are moving our industry forward, and I am excited to learn what’s new, what’s best and what we can look forward to.

What are you most looking forward to from the LMANE19 conference?

I am most looking forward to reconnecting with longtime friends in our community and making new connections too. LMANE19 will be a family reunion of sorts—and I can’t wait to see the family!

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