LMANE19 Speaker Q&A with Eva Wisnik

Wisnik Eva 2019.jpgSucceeding within a very diverse workforce can be challenging. The diversity of cultures, generations, regions and even the diversity of roles that make up today’s marketing departments may result in issues within the team, and it’s important to adapt to various styles in order to collaborate more effectively with team members and within the overall firm. We’re pleased to welcome the perspectives of Eva Wisnik of Wisnik Career Enterprises, Inc. who will be a panelist on “Leading, Managing and Inspiring Based on Our Different Styles” at LMANE19 and lay out the tools that legal marketers need to navigate today’s workplace.

We asked Eva, an accomplished recruiter specializing in placing legal professionals at firms for over two decades, about what she hopes attendees take away from her interactive session and what she is most looking forward to at LMANE19.

Why did you submit to present at the LMANE19 conference?  

I was very excited when Bernadette DeCelle, CMO of McCarter & English, suggested that we submit a proposal  for LMANE19. We brainstormed with Despina Kartson and came up with a topic that impacts marketing & BD professionals at all levels.  I have been presenting at and attending LMA conferences since 1995, and am always excited to be in a room of fellow LMA members because I know that I will learn and be inspired!   

What are you hoping attendees learn from your presentation? 

We are hoping that attendees at all levels of their career will leave the session with tools and strategies for managing their work relationships most effectively. For example, if you are an introverted director and have extraverted specialists on your team, what’s the best way to work with them? Or, if you are a coordinator who likes lots of details, how do you approach your manager who gives only a vague overview of the assignment and seems irritated when you ask a lot of questions?  These are real-life situations that we have all observed or experienced in law firm marketing and Bernadette, Despina and I are eager to share solutions.  

What are you personally expecting to get out of this year's LMANE19 conference? 

Even after 23 years of running Wisnik Career Enterprises, Inc., I am deeply committed to learning and growing so that I can contribute to our clients every day. One of my goals is not to become a “dinosaur” – by this, I mean that even if you have been “Big & Successful” in the past, you should not assume you will be around forever. When I attend an LMA conference I come wanting to learn more about what my clients are facing so I can help them.  I am particularly interested in better understanding what the junior members of our community want from their careers. Having placed over 800 professionals into law firms, we are always on the lookout for great talent for our clients. 

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