LMANE19 Speaker Q&A with Despina Kartson

Kartson Despina 2017.jpgOne size doesn’t fit all when it comes to being a successful, effective marketing and business development professional, so we’re excited to feature an interactive program about “Leading, Managing and Inspiring Based on Our Different Styles.” Informed by perspectives from Despina Kartson, Global Director of Business Development & Communications at Jones Day, Bernadette M. DeCelle, Senior, Director of Client Service & Marketing at McCarter & English LLP and Eva Wisnik, President of Wisnik Career Services, the program will tackle how to identify and understand the variety of learning, work, and communications styles, and how to best use those insights to communicate and collaborate more effectively within our firms. 

We asked Despina, a recognized leader within LMA and in our profession, about what she hopes attendees take away from the conversation and why someone should attend the conference. 

Why did you choose to speak at the LMANE19 conference?

I chose to speak at the LMANE19 conference because it’s a great opportunity to collaborate with my peers and share our experiences and knowledge with the regional legal marketing community. We don’t often have times to “give back” and when we do, I think it’s important to contribute. 

What are you hoping attendees take away from your presentation?

I hope that attendees will take away practical tips on management and communications styles that they can immediately use. All of us are so busy that it’s important to hear practical advice with tangible tactics that can be implemented. 

What are you personally expecting to get out of this year's conference?, and

I am personally expecting to continue to learn about new ideas and technologies. I am also expecting to connect with friends, colleagues and peers. 

What are you most looking forward to when it comes to the 2019 LMA Northeast Regional Conference?

Certainly connecting with other legal marketers is something I am most looking forward to. I also am excited about the keynote – James Kane. I’ve seen him speak previously, including at the LMA National Conference a few years ago, and think he’s so inspiring. What a great speaker to kick off LMANE19! 

Learn more about the 2019 LMA Northeast Regional Conference and register.

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