Robust Programs, Connecting with Peers and Brooklyn Fun: 2019 LMA Northeast Conference Co-Chairs Give us a Sneak Peek

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The 2019 LMA Northeast Regional Conference is quickly approaching on November 14-15 at the New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge.

With a packed roster of leading speakers and the chance to connect with fellow LMA members from the Northeast Region and beyond, this year’s conference is sure to leave attendees feeling refreshed and ready to tackle their firms’ biggest marketing and business development challenges. 

We have the privilege of having two well-respected LMA Northeast leaders serve as conference committee co-chairs: Stefanie Marrone and Bob Robertson. They, along with their conference committee, have been working diligently to provide attendees with an unforgettable conference experience.

We asked Stefanie and Bob to reveal some of their plans for the 2019 Northeast Conference. Read on to learn why you should join us in the Big Apple in November!

Q: Tell us about the upcoming LMA Northeast Regional Conference. What can attendees expect?

Bob: The conference will address “what’s next?” in our journey as a profession and provide us with insights on how we can position ourselves to succeed today and in the future. We are going to hear from clients about what’s driving their priorities, take a deep dive into the hotly competitive and evolving legal market that we’re in, identify new roles and opportunities for growth and invite marketers and business developers from within and outside of legal to share their best ideas with us -- ideas that we can apply in our firms today.

Stefanie: Attendees can expect robust educational programs, lots of time for networking and the chance to explore Brooklyn, one of New York City's hottest areas. I am so excited about our keynote speaker, loyalty expert James Kane. I’m also thrilled that we are offering a half-day pre-conference program for future leaders on November 14. In addition, we will have a panel on an important issue of today, mental health in the legal industry, led by American Lawyer editor-in-chief Gina Passarella, and for the very first time, we are partnering with the Association of Corporate Counsel on an in-house counsel panel that will be based entirely on questions sourced from our attendees and members. 

Q: Why do you think someone should attend the 2019 LMA Northeast Regional Conference?

Bob: I believe that we are at a crossroads in the profession. The competitive pressures in the market are opening all sorts of new doors for us, but they also demand that we demonstrate our value more than ever before. The conference will educate and provide us with ways to enhance that value and meet the challenges ahead of us.

Stefanie: First, there’s something for everyone at this conference -- we’ve put together a dynamic program that is relevant to legal marketing and business development professionals across roles and levels. Of course, it’s a great opportunity to meet new people, reconnect with old colleagues and bring back new ideas to your firm.

Secondly, the conference location is one of New York City's hippest areas known for great restaurants, nightlife, arts and shopping. Since LMANE19 is on a Thursday/Friday, why not extend your stay for the weekend and explore Brooklyn? We’re sure some of your LMA friends would be happy to show you around and we’ve got a list of fun things for you to do during your stay!

Q: What are you each most excited about the 2019 LMA Regional Northeast Conference?

Bob: I am most excited about the conversation we’re going to have, and I am excited to have it in New York, the center of the largest legal market in the world and my hometown.

Stefanie: I’m excited to reunite with industry friends, and gain innovative perspectives. I enjoy speaking with the exhibitors and other speakers and bring back new ideas to my firm.

Q: Why did you want to serve as co-chair of the LMA Regional Northeast Conference?

Bob: I have always been passionate about developing programming that not only educates, but also serves to elevate our collective game -- from providing a platform for clients to speak to us directly, to bringing some of the best and brightest in B2B to offer ideas outside of our law firm world. At the end of the day, I was excited about the opportunity to offer something special to our members and help make a difference in their professional lives.

Stefanie: Conferences are a terrific way to learn and network. I saw serving as a co-chair as a chance to create a unique member experience based on the many conferences I’ve attended and at which I have spoken, give back to LMA and, most importantly, keep learning. In addition, I’ve been involved with LMA for many years in various leadership roles and serving as conference co-chair was an opportunity to develop new skills.

Q: Why did you each get involved in the LMA? How has it benefited you?

Bob: In LMA, I found an open and collaborative community of professionals, many of whom are dealing with the same challenges and opportunities that I face on a daily basis. Those professionals represent an energizing mix of firms, and by getting to know them I have developed a perspective on the broader legal market that has served me well in many ways. On a personal note, the friends I have made by participating in LMA have enriched me and my career beyond measure.

Stefanie: In 2009, the New York Chapter conducted a series of programs on how to bulletproof your career during the financial crisis. It was incredibly helpful and timely as many people were being laid off and firms were being shuttered. I was so impressed at how the legal marketing community came together during that period. I was a junior marketing person at that time, and I vowed from that point on that I would do my part to support this organization and return the favor. I am so thankful to LMA for everything it has offered to me through the years – from lifelong friends to job opportunities to professional growth.

Q: Any advice for someone interested in getting involved in LMA?

Bob: Just do it. Don’t overthink it. Go to luncheons, get involved in initiatives and go with the goal of learning something valuable – from the programs, but especially from the people you meet. Get involved at your own pace but don’t stand on the sidelines. Once you get involved, you won’t want to stop.

Stefanie: Being part of LMA has not only helped me learn about the industry and the role of a legal marketer, but also helped me build my professional network. There are so many opportunities to get involved on the local, regional and international level irrespective of where one lives. If that seems too daunting of a commitment, LMA also has micro-volunteering opportunities available for short-term projects such as writing articles for our web site and newsletter. There’s something for everyone.

Learn more about the 2019 LMA Northeast Regional Conference and register.

Sponsor the 2019 LMA Northeast Regional Conference! This conference has designed sponsorships to enable your company to reach decision makers far more quickly and efficiently than other methods of networking and promotion. For additional information on available sponsor opportunities and associated benefits, contact Matt Parfitt or Sam Edidin.


If you have any questions about the LMA Northeast Regional Conference, contact our 2019 co-chairs Stefanie Marrone or Bob Robertson.

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