Scott Rubenstein LMANE19 Speaker Q&A

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We are excited to have Scott Rubenstein and a group of legal marketers to present, “Stacking Up: A Discussion On Optimizing Marketing Technology,” on Friday, November 15 at the 2019 LMA Northeast Regional Conference. The panelists will explore how they manage their stacks and will share a blueprint for how marketing and business development teams in law firms can organize and optimize for success. We asked Scott to tell us more about the panel and what he’s most looking forward to with respect to LMANE19.

Rubenstein Scott 2018.jpgWhy did you submit to present at the LMANE19 conference? 

For the past year, our team has actively researched and advanced our thought leadership around the concept of the “Marketing Technology Stack.” While these efforts have accelerated the development of the RubyLaw platform, they’ve also given us unique perspectives on how legal marketers are leveraging technology to drive business results and where they’re falling short.

We submitted our talk because we want to contribute to the LMA community’s collective knowledge on marketing technology. We also believe that a venue like LMANE19 is the perfect forum to share our learnings, to showcase the opinions of legal marketing experts like our panelists and to help push the sector forward. Plus, the conference is happening in Brooklyn, so LMANE19 gives me an excuse to eat at Mile End Deli – not that an excuse to eat there is ever necessary :)

What are you hoping attendees learn from your presentation? 

Our objective for our panel is that attendees will have a more comprehensive understanding of the Marketing Technology Stack, both from the visualization that we provide and from the anecdotes and lessons shared by our panelists in how they have approached technology adoption and implementation. With this new understanding, we hope audience members will return to their firms, irrespective of size or resources, and more effectively put their marketing technology to work.

What are you personally expecting to get out of this year's LMANE19 conference? 

Each time I attend an LMA conference, I always leave with a new learning or a provoking thought kernel that stays with me days and weeks after. Being in the privileged position of moderating a panel, I anticipate asking (or being asked) a question that delivers this kind of impact. If we’re lucky, this same question will inspire an audience member to act and become a catalyst for change at her respective firm.

What are you most looking forward to from the LMANE19 conference?

As informative and enriching as the sessions are at conferences like this one, I’m most excited to see the familiar faces of clients and friends and members of LMANE, the people who comprise this vibrant community.

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