LMA Midwest Message for 2020 & Beyond

While this year has been challenging on so many levels, it’s also presented us with opportunities to take stock of what member value means, and to really, truly, innovate to better serve our members and friends. For us in LMA Midwest, that means Getting Stuff Done--the mantra we chose (and really embraced) in 2020.

The LMA Midwest Local Steering Committees have led the way in member value, creating unique--and fun!--ways to meet online. Our LSCs created phenomenal educational programming every month, and really elevated our offerings. And, our LSCs went far beyond the usual lunch and learn: movie nights, coffee talks, book clubs, and happy hours are just a few ways our LSC leaders have provided that ever-important networking element, even as we’re not able to physically get together.

We held the only regional conference in 2020 with LMA Tech Midwest taking place virtually in September. Our fantastic conference, priced specially for 2020, saw attendees from all regions joining for a full week of best-in-class programming on the latest in marketing technology. We were also honored to lead LMA’s Careers in Transition Working Group, providing education, networking, and resources to folks making a change, across the organization. We are very excited to host our own regional Your Honor Awards in January, highlighting the best our region has to offer, and creating another opportunity for us to get together and celebrate each other!

We have a lot to be proud of in LMA Midwest, and that’s due to the hard work and engagement of our volunteers, members, and friends. Thank YOU for a truly interesting and ultimately wonderful year! It’s been my privilege to be the LMA Midwest President in 2020, and I can promise you, you’re in for an amazing year in 2021, with Laura Toledo at the helm. I can’t wait to see how she will lead us in shaking things up next year!

Your 2020 Midwest President,
Megan McKeon

And shake things up we will! ;) 

You know those moments where you happen to be in the right place at the time? If it were a person, it’d be Megan McKeon. We needed her extraordinary leadership and vision this year. She was the calm and control we had to have when so much was up in the air. And, unlike Pinterest recipes IRL, she didn’t #fail. And neither did our amazing Midwest volunteers who helped to turn a very abnormal year into a success.

So, what’s up for 2021? We’re shaking things up in addition to getting stuff done.

This is the year we do things differently. We have the opportunity to shape the Midwest Region’s future. We want to emphasize YOU, our Midwest members and volunteers. Showcase your expertise, one-of-a-kind projects -- and not just from traditional marketing folks. Our members are so much more than marketers: we have plaintiff firm marketers who we can learn SO MUCH FROM. Sales professionals (hello, service providers!). Data analysts. Pricing gurus. Small-firm marketers who do it all to CMOs managing huge teams across continents.

We want to utilize what makes us so dang great: our people and our diversity.

As captain of the ship for 2021, here’s what I’m hoping to bring you:

  • THE FUN. Humor is a lot of who I am. And I am the sum of many parts, including (but not limited to!) a career woman, a parent, an LMA volunteer...and a person who’s survived - I’m going to get real here - a lot of mental health challenges over the years. I put that out there because of the stigma (there are a lot of us “high-functioners” out there; I see you). And also because I know how important it is to create a good experience when your tank has run dry. Consider me your cheerleader for 2021.
  • Creativity. At my core, I’m a creative writer. I enjoy challenging the way we see things (literary theory was my favorite subject). I want to put that rebelliousness to good use to encourage our volunteer leadership to do the same, thus finding new and innovative ways to provide our members -- on the local level -- with what they need and want. (And, to reiterate bullet #1, use creativity to make the volunteer experience fun.)

But, we need help from YOU. We want your talents, your smarts, your ideas - use us as a way to gain a new skillset. Use your skills to do new things through volunteering. Use us to showcase your talents or super cool projects. Please do NOT hesitate to reach out to me with a thought or idea. There is no Midwest without you, so let’s collaborate.

The pandemic created a clean slate for us. Let’s #MakeitMidwest (this is totally my new hashtag). 

Laura Toledo
Your 2021 Midwest President

P.S. LMA has a great well-being resource page and some great upcoming programming on the topic. And if you need someone to talk to, I’m here for that, too. (I can also do the talking - I am open about my story.)

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